Fouta XL.jpg

Add some life onto your table setting with a XL colored fouta. 

BEST gift for any occasion, including wedding, baby, and housewarming. 

Perfect accent for a simple table setting for any gathering.

Perfect an outdoor boho-style picnic with friends. Add pillows, food, and Voila. 


Great to accompany you on a colder night outdoors. 

Best pool-side towels. Fits any color scheme. 

Original useful Birthday Gift.

Best blanket for short park nap. 


Liven-up any bedroom
with a pop of fouta color. 

Buy lemons, and have a party with a fouta as a tablecloth. 

Perfect to match all the holiday needs! Orange to red to green.

The BEST for an impromptu play-date with the best-friend. 


Foutas are wonderful to be boxed-up and shipped. 

A fouta is a must-have for any beach outing.

Bring some flowers, and grab a XL fouta to dress-up all picnic tables. 

The best accessory for any beach, boat, and tropical getaway.


Perfect addition to all hammocks. 

Bring the XL Linen Fouta into your guest room

The best roof-top setting is with a beautiful fouta.

Fouta Lurex.jpg

 A Soft Lurex Fouta for any beach nap is appreciated. 

Add some color with a few extra foutas as soft sofa-blankets. 

Wonderful centerpiece for any baby gift. Just add burp cloths and socks. 


Add color to any bath-house.