A word from Mrs. Fouta Colors

Officially on April 1st 2017, Fouta Colors embarks on an important initiative benefiting Helping Mamas (www.helpingmamas.org). We believe Fouta 4 Fouta makes an impact by donating one fouta for every fouta purchased. No gimmicks. No complicated rules. Simple: you buy a fouta, we donate a fouta. Fouta 4 Fouta

Who is Helping Mamas: a phenomenal non-profit founded in Atlanta, GA providing baby supplies to moms in need. They connect helping mamas to mamas that need help. Items range from lotion to carseats, to cribs, to infant carriers, to pull-ups, to diapers, to TOWELS. Many items are donated in gently-used condition, but towels are always high on the need-list. 

Why are we doing this: giving back is not an innate quality. We believe some individuals are drawn to give back, whether it's in-kind donation, monetary donations or most significantly, your time. As we are currently across the country from Helping Mamas, we choose to donate foutas to make our impact. As Helping Mamas explains, parental financial hardship contributes to increased parental stress, and increased risk social, emotional, and behavioral issues in children. If Fouta Colors can help by just providing foutas, we are a step closer to helping families with basic needs. Hopefully one day, we donate sufficient foutas and Helping Mamas no longer needs to purchase towels, therefore, concentrating all funds on other baby supplies and programs for moms. 

How are we doing this: combination of innovative technology and distributor. Technology is grand as it records every sale, and monthly we will ship the donated foutas to Helping Mamas's headquarters in Atlanta. We ordered child-size foutas, and box them up to Atlanta. 

Fouta 4 Fouta process: in a few weeks we are hoping to have tool-bar indicating how many foutas made it to Helping Mamas. We want our buyers to watch the progress! 

How to get involved with Helping Mamas: They happily take gently used items (except cribs/carseats due to liability). They LOVE receiving diapers, and being part of community diaper drives, recipients of baby shower donations, list goes on. Helping Mamas also needs VOLUNTEERS. Please reach out to their coordinator via www.helpingmamas.org 

Thank you for being part of our BIG movement, Fouta 4 Fouta. 




New Updates



As a kick-off for the month of April, we will ship out 30 foutas to Helping Mamas! Stay tuned for pictures! 

Helping Mamas is currently hosting their Baby Brigade Launch party on April 27th - 
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