Foutas get me.

As i was blasting (music. refer to previous post clearly)… it hits me. Wow my product and i are one. Hang in there with me. I'll explain.

Like a ridiculous number of women/moms/ladies, I wear a giant hat/sombrero/chapeau with a million sections hanging onto dear life. No wonder i have a bad back… I'm a wife, mom, friend, sister, daughter, daughter-in-law, business owner, new blogger, instragram newbie, the list goes on…  I try to do it all. I try to say yes. I try… 

AND my product actually does it all… Foutas are the DEFINITION of versatile. It covers up a sofa covered in dog hair. Yes i should have vacuumed. and yes all guests deserve a place to sit down, right. And you should be allowed to wear white pants in my house without fearing its destruction by dog hair or sticky unknown substance...

-It can be delightfully and casually thrown over boxes in the hall to make it look like an artist lives here… Still figuring that style out. It snuggles with us in the early evening as my kids are "cold" as living in LA is causing their internal temperature to think 72 degrees is cold.

-It's also a staple in our beach bag, because come on, what kid should change into their water shoes on the actual sand. Ludicrous mother i am. I'm clearly evil. And no the sand is not hot. it's 8am when we hit Temecula beach and it's actually cold… 

-it's also a delightful blanket for the mall or grassy area (aka stroller class location), and the best to house all the trucks/cars from my car. It even welcomes other gremlins to join mine. All of this in an attempt to entertain my crazy-almost-2-years-old so i can focus on the workout at hand. 

-it also neatly sits on my neck on date night in our backyard, because my kids are right, LA nights are cold… And a sitter is only $million/hour. We shall reinvest our sitter money into fouta stock!

-it's also a delightful HUGE coverup. this body ain't made for shenanigans on the beach yet… well the shenanigans yes, the exposed part, not so much. So it fits me perfect at our perfect little beach spot. 

BUT. it's an object so it doesn't have feelings. when it fails, it doesn't know. On the other hand, I'm acutely aware of failures and disappointments. Also the mom-guilt is set deep into my core. So when it's looking like i'm gonna fail at one of my duties, i think, foutas got it good. Maybe i'll abandon my duties and go read with a fouta… I think this. A lot. I don't actually do this… until next time. 

So cheers to foutas… helping me along my journey to try do it all… one try at a time.