MUST-haves for this small business owner

While i was in the process of sweating out 2 liters of water, electrolyte, and sanity (attending 9am stroller class. If you've had kids, these magical-3-wheels-apparatus are meant to carry kids. My gremlins find my arms much more soothing. anyhow i do own 5 strollers - no judgments, so i attend stroller class),  a fellow mom (aka potential client, potential friends, or just potential i-will-never-see-you-again person) asks me: what are your must-cant-live-without-items for working? I said easy: no kids in house, no food in sight, no TV shows on, no mention of housework, and clean sink. Basically, my perfect setups is living on a dude-ranch in Wisconsin. Turns out, she was serious. I see sarcasm everywhere, and boy did i read her wrong. She's in process of launching a small business (her former self was a consultant for a fortune 500 company before she decided her mom-title was much more her style), and was getting her website up to speed to today's standards. 

Sadly enough, i did not get to share my 5 MUST-HAVES, because she switched stroller classes. Just kidding. She's just too fit so doesn't need to sweat. Just kidding, she moved. I think. Anyhow, if i had thought on my feet, my list would look something like this:

Diet coke: i've kind of shielded my reading audience from this addiction, i call my crack. But it's a must on the desk to write, edit, fill orders, sort emails, and doodle. Its also a must in my living room, car, and on walks… yes admitting the problem is the first step, I'm way ahead of you. 

Cozy Ugly Chair: i never get to sit without being attacked by plastic trucks, or Elsa doll, so a cozy high-back chair is the bomb. I think i learned that proper desk ergonomics is a good idea. I'm also not one of those serious business-woman who need beautiful furry chairs… that's just inviting a nap. I need to focus in my ugly chair. 

Pen and Paper: yes i'm old and i like paper. you know the thing you touch, and you write on… I NEED my notebook near me. AT-ALL-TIMES. And pretty pens… NO i don't share these supplies with my kids. they have a FULL cabinet of stuff. My $12.99 pen is MINE. And all 6 colors are mine. 

External hard drive: like a good one. One that has space that will last u a lifetime. Yes i'm aware of the "Cloud", but folks like me like to touch their storage space… It also turns out running a business takes up a lot of time AND space on your computer… Like a LOT. As i refuse to buy another computer, it doubles for personal use (aka checking email, printing kids' show-and-tell pictures, and shopping on Pinterest), and professional use (EVERYTHING business-related happens on my computer). 

Apps, and more apps: this borders almost on social media… I WONT list the social media involved. SO in no specific order, i use every minute of my working day, WordSwag (photo editing and content tweaking), ColorEffects (add splash color in pics) Quickbooks (yes the dreaded financial aspect of business. AND you don't need degree to navigate this app. Also on my computer. AND its loaded into the "Cloud"), and Squarespace (so i can have a functional website platform), and Stripe (so i can get paid… duh). Paypal is COMING, so add that one.  

Feel free to drop me a note. WHAT else am i missing??? I know there are millions of ways to work, and would love to hear from all the readers. Small or big ideas. I welcome all.

Enjoy your day.