I LOVE gifts. I love sending them, ordering them, and paying for them. Wrapping them, not so much. Sorry, well not so sorry actually. It’s the gift that counts right?! My language of love is gifts. Well that’s how I show my love. Words of affirmation is how I like to receive love. Enough about me. This is about GIFTS for all of the SUPERMOMS. Yep, it’s the season, and I GOT THE LIST FOR YOU.

Combining my love of gifts and affirmations, i’ve made a list of MUST-haves for your list this holiday season. All items listed are used, abused and loved gifts. AND it’s giving LOVE to small-business-owner-moms. Moms are my people, and I am giving them the love this holiday season. Moms deserve LOVE and they are receiving lots of LOVE from my AMEX this month.

I’ll stop jabbering, here’s the LIST:

12. The mom shoes: seriously you cannot live without. These make my life easier everyday. They look cool (well i think so), and come in million colors (yellow is obnoxious but perfect for me). Stock up for your BFF, your mom, or that secret-Santa gift. It will be a HIT. These are already purchased for one of my fave teachers at kiddo’s school… I rock these Native Shoes and hope to see them in my stocking this year… in pink , blue, red, orange. I don’t discriminate. Fabulous things do come in size 9.

Best for teachers, BFF, mom, secret-Santa…

image1 (1).JPG

11. BOGG Bag: these-are-worth-the-hype. I had to see it to believe it, but yes EVERY mom needs THIS on their list. Lucky for us, we have a mom-business with the hookup. Email these moms, and they will navigate this wholesale world for you. As the owner of the hot pink, I HIGHLY recommend for any mom. It’s fool-proof, water-proof, and kid-proof. It’s best served with a side of mud at the soccer game, sand at the beach, or water at the lake.

Best for your friends, mom with new baby, your sister/sister-in-law, or cool mother-in-law. Or yourself! or


10. Jana Fleming Jewelry: if you are looking for a one of a kind, stunning, show-stopping piece, look no more.  Having owned 3 of her pieces, i know they are versatile, and kiddo-proof. My youngest cannot destroy it, and I feel like a million bucks wearing her pieces.

Best for die-hard football fan girlfriend (she does a LOT of GA, AU, TN, LSU, Clemson gear), or your chic mom. or @janaflemingart


9. Jen Mann book collection: this is for anyone with a sense of humor. Or anyone without a sense of humor in need of enlightenment. Jen has been rocking the boat, aka knocking it out of the park for years. I own every single one (in print, as I cannot master the art of reading on my phone or kindle). I buy from her every year, and spread her joy -  the one and ONLY time I bypass Amazon and buy straight from the source. Only time. She’s a unapologetic woman who simply collects wonderful funny friends. Her latest endeavor includes exerts from TEENAGERS. Every story is amazingly funny, witty, and comical. You cannot go wrong with any of her books. LOVE.

Best for white-elephant-gift, BFF with everything, friend of a friend, hostess gift, book-club leader, teacher-gift. Literally everyone could benefit from reading her books. or @jenmann


 8. MK makeup

Don’t turn around, don’t look away. Confront carpool with Mary Kay lipstick, or a whisk of blush on those cheekbones. Whatever you choose, MK is your one-stop shop. I own too many MK lipsticks to count (need to be vague on # for the sake of my marriage). Speaking of my dear man, I own all the eyeshadows to match my handful of going-on-date-night-outfits. You cannot go wrong. Lipstick goes on a LONG way. As does their eye makeup remover - been a fan for YEARS. Now I just need to locate one of my 30 lipstick colors…

Best for anyone with a mouth, or anyone needing a quick lift of spirits every morning. It holds well, and comes in pretty much every color. And the makeup remover is simply the BEST for any woman who wears eye makeup.


7. Alison Duncan art

You cannot be in a home without a piece from the famous and fabulous Alison Duncan. House with or without kids, you must own one. She captures her daily life in her pieces. She inspires all moms with her captivating groove of daily life with FOUR daughters ages 5 and below (with a set of twins in there), and nails every piece. She recently took on a huge challenge while cooking her last daughter and crafted a piece every single day for 100 days. Masterful creations she created (and I own about 99 billion of her pieces) and they are best to hang in baby room next to crib, bathroom above the throne, or master by your bed. It fits in everywhere.

Best for ANYONE who enjoys art. Don't click past this picture without buying for someone on your list. She's a MUST. Find her art on social media @alisonduncanart or


6. Lupero Leather Hoop Earrings

This mom. Complete superstar with a HUGE smile. Launched her business earlier this summer and she is simply smashing sales (weird words to put together I know). Her collection encompasses SO many colors (clearly my jam, fouta COLORS, duh). You need to start collecting as you need to own them all. The red and orange are my favorite, and my mom loves the blue. And her best-selling piece is tan/gold. Rachel is even displaying her daughter’s stud piece made from her scrap leather (price-tag is $5, $2 to donate, $2 for her, and $1 to her mom for materials #winning). Her leather hoops are simply to die for. Own 3… And my collection is growing.

Best for anyone with ears. And in need of a fresh new pair of earrings, or engraved bracelets (for those not braving the pierced-ears look). And if you tag her, you will be featured alongside the best on her social media pages.

@lupero_designs or


5. Coton Colors document book

Bought mine. Love mine. Travel with mine. A page for every date to enter WHATEVER is crossing your mind. If you are one of those fabulous mother that may or may not have documented your baby’s life in a baby book - this is FOR YOU. Document it NOW. I’m a sucker for pictures (in case you couldn’t tell), and i print with my Kodak printer small pictures and glue them in with one small caption. Makes me happy to skim thru it. I have some from last year and this year. If you want to be the mom of the year, document your kids. If you want to be the wife of the year, document your marriage. If you just want something FOR YOURSELF for once, document whatever makes your heart full, ache, palpitate, or calm. And i own two of these… one not opened yet. Working on title page. Aka who shall receive this gift… (it’s a secret duh, it’s a Christmas gift).

Best for the gal with EVERYTHING, or your mil. Or your mother. Or the BFF that loves to document every time you are late.. Below is the website. And check them out because they RADIATE happiness. It’s a feel-good website. Check them out. Trust me.


4. Mitchell heart:

This artist captured my eyes with her display of ballerinas, stunning body figures, and nudes. Before you judge, nudes are beautiful portrayals of the human form. And she nailed it. Part of her recent collection are these breath-taking hearts. Ours is displayed on our mantel, and if my kids look at it too long (means disaster coming), they win themselves a time-out. No joking around my heart.  Find her on social media @mitchellfineart

Best for anyone in your life that you LOVE or want to LOVE.


3. Beauty Counter SET

And another don’t-look-away, and just purchase. Since my BFF invested her tiny window of alone time into researching the BEST skincare for herself, I tagged along for the ride. It is SO wonderful to enjoy washing my face, and applying lotion (it’s like 4 steps, and i easily get away with doing 2 many mornings, and go back to my 3 steps at night. I have to squeeze in my MK lipstick somewhere in that routine).

Best for the woman (or man) in your life that enjoys natural skin-care. For my eczema kiddos, their children line is wonderful. It’s a simple line to use and can be adapted for any skin type. I’m truly a HUGE fan.


 2. Grateful to create Wooden Sign

Being a GA girl in a CA world, this piece could not have come at a better time (yes for those who personally know me, yes i’m french too, but GA and CA is better than explaining the ENTIRE thing). I was privileged enough to meet Alicia via super duper secret Facebook group (text me if you want in), and her work baffled me. From screen printing to carving out wood, she has the eye. Eye to make me sigh of happiness when i got my white GA sign hung in our home.

Best for  anyone in the USA really… My favorite for the mom-with-it-all, your mil, or BFF living far from you. She can make any state happen. Alicia has FABULOUS home decor line, and jewelry line. or


1. Fouta Colors Fouta

No details needed. If you have read this far, you are now the rockstar. I LOVE working with other moms, and we all DESERVE a pat on the back. At Fouta Colors, we love our customers, so don’t hesitate to tag us, like us, or just send us an emoji. And we would not be a success, without the best Caroline by our side every step of the way. She’s the genius behind our monogram creations, and the best partner in crime. So thank you to my wonderful and fabulous guru Caroline with @monogrammingbuckhead as without you, Fouta Colors would not be a success.