20 facts about me...

Let's be honest. We are all creatures seeking the nitty-gritty-details about others. Otherwise WHY would we ever log onto Facebook, Snapchat, Instragram, Tumbler, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google. However, news-flaish: the BEST way to discover details about anyone is to read their blog… No joke. The internet is FULL of blogs. Yes I've been living under a rock. And yes, NOW i know what a blog is.

I set myself on this tiny mission to read EVERY blog written by ANYONE who launched a business… (btw there's only 5 millions of these blogs. I read a lot). My mission remained to find the deep ugly truth: what makes ANYBODY start a business. Besides pure sheer craziness… That's a given. Duh. I needed more elaborate answers. I needed honesty. And by the way i started reading these blogs AFTER I launched. Genius i know. So I find honesty in blogs refreshing and helpful. So i'm passing on the torch to the next reader looking for answers by divulging details about ME.

 By listing TWENTY shocking items, I'm giving an honest glimpse of myself. Enjoy. 

1. I'm an addict… yes the first step is admitting you have a problem. I'm well aware. I'm addicted to all the good stuff. The food (chips and salsa to be specific), the iPhone, the Instragram, the pictures of my kids in non-traditional places (sigh from all those who aren't parents yet. yes seeing my kid lay down and nap in the middle of restaurant is worthy of FB), using the word "the" before all my addiction… Maybe i should take up, the-addicted-to-husband for some brownie points? Just being honest. 

2. i love shopping… it shall come as no surprise that i launched a site that combines shopping with color. Let's be honest, this was bound to happen. 

3. I love books… they make the world go around. The spicier the cover, the better. I'm not talking about trash books (love those too), but more "let the adventure begin". "life is a canvas". yes I'm random. Don't get me started on a certain invention where your finger "turn" the page with a swipe. Travesty. 

4. I'm a proud daughter... Shocked u, didn't i… I'm giving my parents credit? Sure am! They put up with me all the years during the good, bad and downright ugly. We always ponder our answers to the question: who are you? Well I'm a mother, I'm a wife, i'm a woman. But I'm a daughter? Not so much. Are we seriously skipping over the pure fact that without them i wouldn't be A. in existence B. the entrepreneur that i've become (ps. i've only worked in Emergency rooms, NEVER in marketing, NEVER social media, NEVER in business. All good, i got this) C. this special wife, mother and friend. So back to the topic: I'm a proud daughter. 

5. I'm a homebody… This may make a few cringe. I enjoy sitting on the patio with a light breeze, and beverage taking in my day. Let's be honest: i enjoy my bed early with a diet coke by my side. I'm well aware that caffeine is supposed to make you awake and not sleepy. Just keep reading. Or skimming.

6. I LOVE red… Shocker. I know. Yes all of it. the Big Apple Red nail polish, the hair color ( I'm a brunette so I'm not promoting my own hair color. Who does that), the nameless-red-sole-$700-shoes, the color of the sky at sunset, and even a red baby-wipe case. 

7. My shoe size is 9… I dreamed of being a lifer stuck at 8.5 but these kids made my nose fat and my feet forever 9s. Really. Let's be honest, there are worst places on my body to "remember" my kids by. And no one wants to read about that. 

8. I LOVE flats... This sounds very contradicting after reading about the shall-remain-nameless-red-sole-shoes… But it's the truth. NOTHING will beat flats. Ever. Not tennis shoes (athletic people recognize these), not Danskos (medical peeps know these), not stilettos (wowza how do my fellow friends were these ALL day and not just 2hrs at a restaurant), not platforms (let's be honest they hurt just like stilettos). Flats. And no I'm not 55… But plantar fasciitis is no joke. And by the way, flats are totally becoming a "thing". I think. 

9. My kids drive me crazy… Let's be honest, you don't want to read about this. It's just a fact, simply stating facts. 

10. I dream of a big family… Keyword: dream. If only I was 10 years younger and a billionaire, i would have 5 kids. My two are killing me slowly just fine. Again let's be honest, you don't want to read about this. Just providing facts. 

 11. I love morning time… who doesn't? Apperently many cities don't wake until 10am (i won't list such cuties but there are on the West Coast, South-ish). Well at that point, I've been on a walk to drain my kids' energy, cooked banana pancakes (delicious. Pinterest that for sure), and been to the beach and back. However, noon hits, I'm done. Nap-time is at 1230 for my toddlers for a reason. 

l2. I loathe traffic… I moved from one insanely-annoying-crazy traffic city to the #1 rated worst. So clearly i enjoy to punish myself… Let's be honest, we all dream of just sitting there burning gas. Making the world a better place by staying close to my house. 

13. I'm a little inpatient… This is tough reveal. Who wants to reveal that? ME. I have many flaws, but that's a big one… It works very well while raising kids.  

14. I'm sarcastic… Another great reveal. Aren't we all… a little? This business owner certainly is. And turns out some people don't appreciate this quality. Shocking i know. As I'm dealing with French boutiques, Turquish factories, and Tunisians saleswomen, I'm learning. Turns out it doesn't translate well to other countries… Let's be honest, i should know better. I think i've been overseas before...

15. I'm totally sappy… Send me an inspirational quote, and I tear up. A patient thanks me for giving her a cup of water, my eyes water. And this is not hormonal folks. This is my natural state. Friends tell me they will miss, i dismiss them with "keep your composure", and walk away to sob on my own. Again very useful in the business world. 

16. I'm a paper girl… No i don't hate plastic (my sister is the one that does). Meaning my iPhone calendar isn't empty because I'm a homebody, but because all the little details of my life are tightly spaced in my PAPER planner. Oh yeah, that's big reveal. What serious businesswoman uses paper: this lady. I LOVE my colored pens too…  

17. I support small-businesses... You work alone. Your work hard. You work LONG hours. You can't compete with Target (yet), and the reward is slow. BUT you always get my support! I'm a sucker for a beautiful website with beautiful inventory. Again back to the, "I love shopping" fact… 

18. I LOVE FOUTAS… Yes this is a Fouta Colors site, but seriously i LOVE THEM. I keep stealing from my inventory because once i see it, i want it. Great business plan, i'm well aware. I think this fits under "addiction" fact. I just find uses for them. They are the color in our home! Any problem can be fixed with a fouta. Having imaginary friends over for dinner, throw a fouta over moving boxes. Pouf gone. And beautiful. 

19. I love color… Tagging onto the bullet above, i love color, and foutas are the colors in our lives. You wouldn't know this stepping into our house as we are a white-dominated house, but the pop of color is everywhere (including my toes). I embrace and welcome color!

20. I'm in love with my hubby… always save the best for last. So you can gather that the Fouta Color owner has 2 kiddos, loves Diet Coke, and has a husband. 

21. I am a suck-up I love you babe (you get two full bullets :). Let's be honest, you can never rack up enough brownie points in a marriage. 

Enjoy your morning, afternoon, evening, or whatever few moments you had to read this post. 

Check back with me soon… Working on a blog schedule with my beautiful paper planner.