Perfectly Imperfect.

Chaos? Moi? ABSOLUTELY. It knocks me in the head (or behind the knees) daily. Like several times everyday.  I wait for it. I welcome it now. When it doesn't show up by 9am (we start early at our house), i wonder what the world is sending me now. 

My morning used to be easy-peasy (sarcasm emoji inserted, why doesn't it exist yet. one day), and now it involves a much bigger beast: social media. Putting aside my oldest who FREAKS out the moment her feet hit the ground, and my happy youngest who LOVES to wake at 5am happily screaming MAMA (now that's just too early for anyone), I have to log onto the various social media outlets without giving myself a stroke at 7am… 

As a new business owner, I have a love-hate relationship with social media. The Snapchat (i'm too old. i still truly believe it was founded to have affairs as pictures of your junk is "hidden"), the Instagram (clever way to make all your friends jealous with your vacation pictures in the middle of January), Twitter (i can't even go there), Pinterest (the place to find all the things you wish you had energy to do), and Facebook (i'm forever loyal Mark. No worries, i got your back) are intense. I'm not even mentioning the rest of them that would require a google search for me to recall… Social media is "simple" as in it's simply a platform of perfection. Yes i said it. The dreaded truth. And this one doesn't have time for perfection. And I don't have the gift of perfection. 

For example, my oldest is getting ready to head off to preschool again(yes there's like 4 levels in preschool. don't ask. i hope we actually graduate from preschool...), and needs a million things. My perfection brain was thinking, oh this is for me, i got this: a matching pink-gingham backpack with its matching water bottle, beautiful sheet set, stunning soft pink blanket, and beautiful super-hero doll to send her off with positives vibes. What she went to school with: day 1, no backpack. I forgot it in the car… Day 2: a Finding Dory blanket, pink cup (with the price tag on it), green backpack (with a stain), and ballerina doll (NOT the cool superhero doll i had picked out). Nothing matching. All hot mess… Perfectly imperfect. Did she survive her first days? Absolutely. Her younger brother, not so much. He's lonely… He has co-dependency issues, already. 

Dying to read another example? I get "inspired" by this crazy friend i should un-friend on Facebook. I just can't keep up… How does a mom produce Pinterest-worthy-meals at 6pm after her oldest's soccer game (pictures posted LIVE of course). If i do the math, and i can count, you are technically still at the game, when your Pinterest healthy meal was produced (because i know your schedule). And your house… when posting cute picture of your infant eating carrots (well "eating" is a strong word), the house is IMMACULATE. how did that happen… and you must be actively be house-hunting during dinner, because NO ONE LIVES there. We all know that your house is ONLY immaculate for your realtor (very familiar with this as our house currently sits on the market. Best way to waste our money). 

Enough criticism. This is about being perfectly imperfect. If this was a test, i would score HIGH. I'm taking a shot in the dark by ackowledging that clearly the mom described above is an alien, and that's how she gets it done. So below is how things actually look... It's a beautiful chaotic mess. I should be ashamed, but proudly I'm not (Maman, don't roll your eyes. Sis don't applaud too loudly). This is what a house looks like when 4 people and a dog occupy it. It's perfectly imperfect. 

Enjoy criticizing my house. I do. Until i remain myself that I'm perfectly imperfect.