3 times I WISHED I had a Fouta

As a Fouta lover and Fouta entrepreneur, I have acquired quite the stash. We shoot lots of pictures, and I get to keep every single one. I have an entire closet of foutas... I mean our sales team needs variety right?!  

As a mom you are always thrown to the wolves... always unexpectedly. And foutas are my go-to in times of disasters. I’ve written about how much they have helped, and then there are times when I lacked Fouta access. No bueno.  

And as i love LISTS, here are those moments in no particular order:

3. When our latest baby girl was about 2 weeks old, we jetted off to Malibu pier for some fresh air. Armed with a week worth of formula as backup (she was breastfed at the time), burp cloths, million diapers and wipes, pacifiers for a small army, and two different types of baby carriers, we mingled among the families. We had to pretend that ANOTHER baby wouldn’t rock this boat, nor prevent us from enjoying brunch on one of the most fabulous piers. And of course she had her first real blowout within 30 minutes... like it was all the way up to her neck and down to her socks. No sweat. Not a problem for seasoned parents of 3. However minor detail. No change of clothes in our magical diaper bag. None. No problem- wrap her in a Fouta. Nope. None. How did this happen!!!!? Our outing was cut short with a deliriously unhappy wet baby... This is what happened when we take the “cool” car and not the insanely-stacked-family car.

2. I love love baby blankets. My go-to baby gift is a monogrammed blanket (thanks to Amazon straight to @monogrammingbuckhead). Well turns out they just aren’t big enough for this mama. Even my beautiful and fantastic Monica and Andy $70 unicorn blanket couldn’t cut it. As we embarked on a friend outing with baby girl in tow, I needed to cover up in a sports bar to feed my baby girl (no battle about exposing the décolletage while breastfeeding- I chose not to expose despite my husband’s protest). And as a mom in a hurry, I forgot the magical wrap. Well the fouta is long, light and withstands anything! Nope. None. Again. So by some miracle I let it go and our friends and my husband and the baby stroller kindly shielded me. Another miss! Akward enough….

1. And I kept the best for last: AT THE SWIMMING POOL. Indeed my business is FOUTAS and it’s a highly popular item at the pool. Especially in Beverly Hills. Yep this mom did not have foutas of any kind or color for their stupid 15 minutes-swim-lesson. The prior weekend I used the Fouta stash that lives in my trunk, and I had not replenished. So improvise... no joke. I wrapped my kids in my sweaters. My L sweaters fit them perfectly. They shimmied to the locker room with pride. And I was slightly mortified as I kept my head high. 

This is why i stash in my trunk, passenger seat, and purse…