What are YOU staring at?

This. THIS IS WHAT I SEE WHEN I SIT DOWN to write, sort, edit, or just to scream in peace. When I get to work in the nursery/office/guest room/storage room/shit-keeper, this is my view.

I SEE Chloe’s art when we launched ourselves into LA and I could easily find a Michaels to buy kid-paint and canvases.

I SEE outlet plugs. You can never have too little plugs. I mean there’s the million office appliances (um… laminator and electric pencil sharpener. 2 reasons I no longer have a Costco card), and charger for phone, iPad and computer. And i’m over banging my head on the desk trying to plug in my phone with its 3 inch cord (DUMB Apple moment- we all NEED cords to stretch duh). Not the best decor…. but it’s useful.

I SEE ULINE bill… they are the bomb. And fast. Their shipping costs aren’t the bomb but they are amazing about delivering the goods. And legit the never ending supply availability. And yes i do need 500 count of boxes tomorrow.

I SEE UNICORN crap…. when is this phase gonna end? Seriously. Chloe needs to stop “needing” unicorn crap as my desk because her storage unit as her desk is full.

I SEE BOXES… i have a box-crush. I collect them. To gift them. Duh. BUT the gifts I buy never seem to quite fit into these boxes I own.. Because WHY would that be useful… So i enjoy these boxes.

And I SEE my hot-stuff hubby in the right corner… a recent pic of the two of us taken on date night. Great memories. And I like him… a lot.

What do you see????? What NEEDS to be residing on my desk?

Disclaimer: clearly the images shown are NOT my desk. Just happy images from Pinterest #pinterestisthebomb