Celebrating Father's day the RIGHT way

Father's day cleverly comes about a month after Mother's day. I've learned in my short years as a mom that parenting isn't a game that involves score. We all lose. We all win. We are a team. Right? EXCEPT for the Hallmark holidays meant to highlight the gift of being a dad or mom. I was happily surprised this Mother's day as I was rewarded for being a mama. Like very well compensated (certain coming from store on Rodeo Drive... not bad. not bad). AND last year, it was MADONNA tickets. MY IDOL. And not just tickets, FLOOR seats to the BEST concert i have EVER seen. SO no pressure. Now my turn to think.: WHAT IN THE WORLD WOULD MAKE HIM FEEL LIKE A MILLION BUCKS? 

A book? absolutely not. would highlight his hatred for books...He's super duper smart, but not into books. Weird I know. I still dig him. One day i'll read again too and not just collect books on my night-stand. 

Lingerie? that's more painful than i can take on right now..And my body is beautiful just as it is. AND again it's about the kids right? not about making kids. 

Handprint shenanigans? school is all over that. Cheaters. how can they steal the EASIEST Pinterest fail that he can't laugh about because his kids worked HARD. 

A trip? let's be real. i cant pull that off... i need to research, and think, and talk. No can do. I tried planning a camping and was greeted by disappointment. 

Tee-shirt? no. The last one he wore says, "your trailer or mine".Embarrassingly enough i dig that one. Can't replace it. Not trading a new for the old one. 

Then ding???? brain stops... What does he LOVE? Me. And what makes me happy? a monogrammed fouta. So... monogrammed fouta it is. HOW DOES HE NOT HAVE HIS OWN MONOGRAMMED FOUTA? Everyone else does...

No joke. Gift #1. DONE. 

Well in close second comes his love for music... This man did invite me to dance in the middle of a bar the night i first met him. Good song equal dancing. Dances with kids in living room, kitchen, couch, whatever he can get. Ok... This is going somewhere. Clubbing? Please this is LA. They don't dance. They stand by the bar sipping their $34 cocktail with Anise. Country bar? please, there are none... i checked already for anniversary. this town is dying for variety. Ok back to basics.... 

And what does he love? outdoor music... Ok what do we need, indoor music. Redirect. Indoor music system it is. His small red portable machine is GOING. Here comes our system. Thank you Best Buy. Million dollars later. 

And kicker... as i purchased, they ask for our phone number. I casually give the smiling sales-guy the cell associated with account... his cell... So direct email shall arrive to his phone. Oh boy. At least he got a cool gift. the fouta will be a HIT. 

And that's how you do Father's day. The right Way. You have store warn him of giant purchase by email... MOTHER OF THE YEAR right here. He'll dig it. I know.