Top TEN places I have used my fouta

This past weekend, at a show in Atlanta, GA, i was asked repeatedly: ok tell me how to use this beautiful towel? Because let's be honest, fouta isn't the easiest word to say especially for a newbie. I responded kindly, do you want the clean-stories or the real-mom stories? 9/10 I was greeted with a smile, and the real mom stories is what i served up. Let's be honest, who has time for the clean stories? No one... Especially not moms browsing the market section of a preschool festival. 

Here are my top TEN uses in life with two beautifully dirty kids:

10. PLANE: to catch my oldest vomit. We have tried the coat, purse, stupid bag Delta provides, and the fouta is the most absorbent by far. And you can't beat the surface area. AND it fits right back into a ziplock bag to be happily stowed until we reach our final destination. Then we toss in wash (yes i should say we always rinse...). 

9. Baby Boot Camp Class: i get a yoga mat. my kiddo gets a fouta. It gets covered in apricots, dried raisins, and maybe a few goldfish or cheerios. Then tossed in wash. It magically comes back to life. Every time. 

8. PLANE: again. Yes we do travel a little bit with our kids. I ask myself WHY every time.. Memories. Creating Memories. Right. Yes. As the airlines are cutting costs, they got rid of FOOD, SPACE for a normal human to extend their legs, and now BLANKETS. When was the last time you saw a blanket (well when not paying $8000 to fly upfront, and my puking toddlers are not welcome up there). Maybe 1999? And since the ability to regulate temperature on board is too difficult, it's usually a steady 55 Fahrenheit. And a fouta covers my kiddos and I just perfectly for a take-off-nap. Then it's party time. 

7. Car: to clean up again. Post vomit. Again my oldest. After the trauma of spit-up has ceased, we start the clean up. Air vents. Ipad (this stupid thing won't die). Shoes. Her hair. My hair. If only they made medication for motion sickness... yes i know it exists but it never exists in my bag. Always safely tucked away at home. Again: ziplock until final destination. 

6. Beach: these dear kiddos have grown accustomed to the XL-fouta lifestyle, aka LOTS of space to spread out. Why play on the sand when you can dump the sand ONTO the fouta and play? Genius... 

5. My office: all moms know this is the extra room in the house for dumping... including new inventory, orders pending, and orders shipping. So naturally, I setup a fouta for the construction of cabin-like-structures, for doll-sleepovers, for crafts (I will forever ban glitter in the ENTIRE house), and simply spot designated to stare at me working... begging for water or snack. 

4. Backyard: among the water balloons, scooters, rollercoaster, and water-table, there's a fouta. Because no matter the fun, someone always need to wipe her hands, his face, or simply needs a time-out in my lap. I'm no longer scared of the damage the fouta is going to endure. My kids play tough. Foutas can take it. 

3. Sidewalk: a busted knee, requires heavy duty care from this mom. My youngest enjoys face-planting, and this is not the time for alcohol-infused super-wipes (ouch). So a little blood never did anything to our mint fouta - the lightest color we have absorbed into our home-collection. Not the dark purple. Or the chocolate color. But classy mint was at our disposal. Again, it cleaned up just nice after the first wash.

2. Emergency diaper: what does one do when there's no more diapers in the bag because of poor planning? You beg. I beg my 2 year old to hold his pee as he sits happily in his carseat after a beach morning... It was a great cloth diaper. My 2 year old seems very free and cozy... Diapers soaked in sand and salt water are not so cozy. And as we know cleaning a fouta is a piece of cake compared to the stupid carseat.  

1. Backyard: simple. Because after all, isn't it all about simplicity? After the kids play hard all day and need a cozy wrap, there's always a fouta waiting for their outdoor dinner. And they need a barrier between their small bottoms and the hard wooden chairs. I still haven't invested in cushions... one day. 

AND the most important. My fouta always recovers. Clean as can be. Not gonna lie, i considered with each vomiting episode to toss it... but i couldn't separate from my mint fouta. Just couldn't. 

That's a wrap. Happy Monday.