Do you blast? You should.

Nothing better to tune out your crazy gremlins living in your small house…. then to BLAST music. Like BLAST. Like blast so loud you can hear your mother or your own brain say, "TURN IT DOWN". Nope. I need to focus. I'm still from the generation where BLASTING music is in. I think. 

When i work, aka fill orders, think creatively (yes that does happen), address packages, add love-notes to clients (you gotta be a client to find out what that means), or bang out a blog post, i BLAST. Randomly one night in past week, i wrote down the song titles that get me going… It's actually comical. 

This is a glimpse at my line-up:

Call on me (by Eric Prydx): takes you back to the good-old-days of primary school… Or high-school. Definitely not middle-school. Well.. Think of whatever year of schooling that makes u feel cool. Embrace that special moment. Yes call on me. BUT especially when my hand IS raised. (By the way, if i'm looking away locking eyes with anyone but you, forgive me i didn't read the actual book for book club). ANYHOW In today's world, it's ALL about being called on in this virtual crazy world, known as ONLINE…  Since launching myself ONLINE, aka this small business called Fouta Colors, i've learned a few things… THE GOAL is not to be discrete and keep to yourself. It's to engage. It's a crazy concept involving being called-out with emojis winking at you, aka asking you to collaborate on Instragram entry… anyone? If u over the age of 48, google emoji. Or if u've been living under a rock (side-note a BFF had to show me how to access emojis on my phone… like a year ago. So don't feel bad, google it). 

Chase You Down (by Runaground): um… I'm not THAT desperate for sales. Am i? Or does this refer to chasing my kids so they don't get hit by a bicycle (true story. people in CA take bike lines VERY seriously) or car? 

Lights (by Ellie Goulding): may be there lights, action, and dancing. I haven't gotten the desire to stand up and twerk (yes i do know what that is), but maybe… Maybe if Madonna comes onto my apple radio… Again above the age of 48, google my friend. And don't do this googling at work. 

Cool girl (by Tove Lo): well yes i am. and i hope that this artist butchered the name given to him by parents… because that's not pretty. Who names their kid TOVO… But certainly original. This artist MUST live in California. 

I remember (by Deadman5 & Kaskade): well let's be honest, i don't remember. i forget the laundry and re-wash most laundry 3 times before it makes it to dryer… I forget to get basic things to cook, like the actual chicken for a chicken tortilla soup… I forget a lot... It could be worst… I have yet to forget my kids at various places. I think i'm doing mighty good. BUT i do always remember how many DIET COKES are in the house. That, i'll remember. Priorities. Survival. Addiction. If only i was addicted to carrots…

Broccoli (by D.R.A.M): I'm not joking. Broccoli is the title. its a pretty vile song too… i'll spare u details of lyrics, but google it when wearing headphones. This applies to all. Not just those over age 48. BTW Don't let your kids listen to this one. Don't let the delicious veggie-titled-song steer you wrong. 

This Girl (by Kungs and Cookin' on 3 burners): i couldn't even come up with these band's name if i tried… I gotta educate myself on these 3 burners as sounds like terrible way to cook. My only cooking involves only 2 burners going at one time...

False Alarm (by Matoma & Becky Hill): ANY person of childbearing age or in a relationship with a woman of childbearing age can only think of one thing when they see "false alarm": the baby is indeed asleep, false alarm. Agh if i had a penny for every phantom cry… I can't even finish this sentence. Next. 

Call on me (by Eric Prydx): yes just download this one already. Seriously. And when kids are crying, whining, or hungry, blast it. This is appropriate for all ages. 

Blast. Blast. Blast. It's appropriate for all, below and above 48. Just ask my mother.