I love a challenge

Who loves hearing "you can't possibly do this" or that? Me… Yes I'm strange. EVERYONE loves a challenge, right? Nothing gets me going more than "no way". Yes way. This may stem from my childhood, my issues with authority figures, or simply my desire to get-it-done. What better way to accomplish ANYTHING than by setting myself up publicly to do so…? No need to wait for January. That's SO predictable. I'm setting myself up to a personal challenge for the INSANITY month of December. No time like the crazy present, right?

Personal goal:

I'm gonna read. Like an actual paperback book… Or hardcover. Can't decide how wild i want to be. Not the kindle, not the internet on my phone, not my kids book because sadly enough that's a given.. A good-old-adult book. Still might be trash, but it's still a book. I got this.

Family goal:

I'm gonna hit up 3 Holiday Venues. With my kids in tow. Alone. I LOVE Christmas time but i do NOT LOVE the crowds. Like dread it. I map-out ways to get around crowds. I mentally sketch out my stroller route to avoid the crowds. I use the H&M elevators instead of mall elevators… i use the do-not-use-elevators-at-Ikea. Yes i don't like these crowds. The insane-you-have-lost-your-mind-crowds. The insane lines. But I got this… all 3 will take place in Atlanta. Wish me luck. Send me patience. If so inclined, send me liquor in small quantities. I gotta be present after all. I got this.

Hubby Goal:

I'm gonna dance… not the night away like all songs dictate. That's not a challenge, that's insanity. But anywhere anytime he asks… He LOVES to dance. Especially together. So that's my challenge. We shall see if he reads this challenge. Doesn't everyone just feel better to get a little cardio??? Side-note: this dates back to our very early days… he asked me to dance in a dead empty bar. No music. Not creepy dead bar, just it-is-passed-everyone-bedtime-dead-bar. Oh yeah he's THAT guy. He rocked it. Oh yeah i married THAT guy. I got this. 

Professional goal:

I'm sitting down and completing the dreaded: filling out THAT spread-sheet. Finances. I'm learning that my accountant may actually murder me if i don't keep better records. Sales, imports, taxes, that's easy. You export all that via website. It's the expenses, bloggers' gifts, and late-night Amazon purchases are little rougher to track. There's a lot… I know. I got this.

What about you??? What r u planning for January 2017? DO IT NOW. By the time January 1st hits, you'll have met your challenge. BAM. Done. 

Until next time...