What do you read?

One merry day when both kids needed to run off some energy, we embarked on a short walk around the block. And i wanted a newspaper. It requires more energy to load them into car for Target run, so we shall walk to find this magical newspaper. Reading a newspaper reminds of my way-younger-years while living at home, and enjoying the quiet morning time with my mom. Clearly the comics were my favorite but so was the local metro news. Bad stuff happening then. Bad stuff happening now. Things don't really change. My kids see me reading on my phone, but never a newspaper. No time like the present. And it's partly part of my challenge (to read. Book. Newspaper isn't exactly a book. Details). So we walk by a newsstand. WOWZA. The world publishes SO MANY MAGAZINES. Seriously so many. Every interest. I'm unfamiliar with 90% apparently. I need to broaden my horizon besides US weekly, PEOPLE, Gala, Paris Match (yes these last two are in French, but same news. News is a generous word i'm using). Few note-worthy things of this spectacular newsstand:

ADULT Magazines: i'm in total shock that it takes up 1/4 of the stand. Seriously. I guess i assumed everyone used their phones… BUT apparently many are buying. And it seems to be the only section at eye-level. Interesting ploy. 

KIDS Magazines: i guess kids don't read… there are a few Dora ones that look from 1972, but that's it. Glad i didn't threaten to take away their new magazine if they misbehave as there are none (yes i use threats to keep my kids in line. Mother of the year right here). 

GLUTEN-FREE Magazines: who knew this topic was ALSO the keynote speaker of 7 magazines. Crazy. I'm sure it was SO informative. I must admit i did not pick it up. I enjoy gluten. I don't discriminate any yummy food ingredients, except garlic. 

AUTO Magazines: who knew there was such an interest in Auto magazines... i glanced. It's mainly ads. Is this the equivalent to US weekly, where it's full of ads and maybe has one article about the latest breakup? If so, they should be flying off the shelf. 

FRENCH Magazines: i debated. and debated. Do i NEED the Paris Match??? Yes i do... it shall sit on my nightstand unread stalking me... Crap. It is a magazine. My challenge was to read books... I'll keep trying.

PHOTO Magazines: i must admit i did glance for 3 reasons... 1. I'm running a business requiring some photography skills that i've outsourced for the most part, but i should be capable of snapping pics, right? 2. I'm that-mom: crazy-iphone-paparazzi around my kids (screaming JUST SAY CHEESE ONE LAST TIME). 3. I LOVE printing pictures. Exhibit A. my canvas wall of pictures. It's like Canvas on Demand threw up in my living room. Exhibit B. the millions of orange packages sitting in my office... One day i'll frame them all.  Back to to topic at hand: I couldn't get navigate past the titles... I have no clue what camera i own besides the sheer fact that it's a black Canon with a purple strap. I don't know what software i use because i just click and magically it pops up (well it only pops up when I don't throw my computer across the room because it has yet again crashed). So i did not purchase these magical make-your-business-run-smoother-magazine. Next time maybe... One day i'll learn. On my list. 

HOME Magazines: i thought Pinterest cornered the market on Home design. NOPE. This newsstand does. And boy it did not disappoint. Lifestyle-Home-Bloggers, you have some competition. IF ONLY your readers knew that such magazines exist. Am i the only one discovering this??? Good thing my blog consists of topics i stumble upon while mothering. Whew no magazine about that. Or wait is that what Parents is about? Oye. 

So $100 later... i own 7 extra magazines. No newspaper. And clearly this delays my reading books. Should have gone to Target.