Just snap that picture... of YOURSELF.

I was recently asked a series of questions (like in depth... more below), and asked to accompany my deep answers with a picture of myself. WHAT. Of me, only me, and myself. Ok. Again i got this... right? How hard is it to find a picture of yourself on your phone? Well apparently it's a complex question requiring  a blog post. Seriously. 

Step 1. Admitting you have a problem. Yes. Hello, i'm an addict of taking, sharing, and printing pictures... of my kids. Like it's a problem. If my husband allowed it, i would take professional pictures monthly. But apparently that's not acceptable to our budget. To anyone's budget. Looking back, we did have session before my oldest birthday, during her party, and week before we set off for the West Coast. So all three of those event are within 3 weeks of each other. And then when we landed in CA, we booked a beach shoot. Gotta have beach pictures, right? So yes it is a problem. Our front entrance at home is covered by our homely 24 canvases... Before booking this home, the BIGGEST question wasn't where are my kids gonna sleep (btw this CA concept of sharing rooms is GENIUS), but where are the canvases going. We did have to downsize coming here... including our canvas collection. Well my collection. 

Step 2. Look back. Because EVERYONE wants to relive my madness. No. But the proof always lies in your Iphone history. Wowza my kids have changed. Have i changed? Of course! I'm now a business owner, a CA driver's license owner (and more importantly a CA-tax-payer), and mother of 2, and wife of 6 years (gf of zillion years, but who's counting). Of course i've changed. BUT there's certainly no photographic documentation. And let's be honest, it's all about the documentation! PHOTOS always trigger thoughts, feelings, smiles, and history. My documentation lies at my fingertips. And as i'm always behind the lens, i surely see my fingers as 'sometimes' they make the side-portions of many pictures. 

Step 3. Look ahead. YES. Let's be positive. In perfect world, i would commit myself another challenge to myself... BUT how many can i fail? This one isn't hard. Stick that lens in my face (or hit the clever backwards button), and snap. Ok. Deep breath. I can build a business but i can't snap a picture. Fouta pictures? i am ashamed of the amount of pictures saved on my 2 external hard drives... 

Step 4. Live now. Snap now. OF YOURSELF. Below is the latest... Next one, i'm smiling.