The BEST way to wear a fouta.

Are you a show-off-my-bathing-suit-type? a-side-swoop with my giant coverup? Or let's make this a dress? Or a skirt? OR my kids pulled on it and this is the style? OR just slap it on my body effortlessly making a giant bow in the middle (i swear this is a style. Just like "effortless beach wave hair" is a style)? No matter the style, go with what works. 

The BEST way to wear a fouta is to match your style. Duh. I know this isn't ground-breaking BUT you would be surprised how many women attempt to wear clever coverups and never get the hang of it (example #1: ME). SO in order to fit your style, look at our clever style-guide. A genius artist came up with the card below. It works EVERY time. 

Whatever your style du-jour, we have you covered. Check out below our styling cards!

Mine is 100% "The Bandeau" style. On on top of every scratch, stretch mark, and shoulder-diaper-bag indentation, i can't have tan-lines! Enjoy.