We made it… THANK YOU.

SO drumroll please: Foutacolors.com is SIX MONTHS. WOOOHOOOO. YOUPIE. AHHHHHH. I wish i could figure out how to add emojis, because i would insert all emojis with a smile. That's for another day. Anyhow BIG DEAL right??? YES. Especially since it feels like it's been a DREAM. But the kind of dream that almost bordered on nightmare-please-let-this-be-done. Only a few times… It's crazy to be your own boss. Like really, this is it. Me, and my foutas. I still can't believe where i am as i type this… CRAZY last 6 months. 

Let's replay my last 6 months:

-launched MY BUSINESS (after hours and hours of sweat, debate, tears, smiles, fear, anger, and happiness)

-became an EXPERT at Customs and Border Protections, and Declarations, AND enforcement agencies at the ATL airport (and LAX, i must say ATL is LOT LESS friendly. LAX for the win)

-moved across the country with 1 husband, 2 kids, 1 dog, and 1/10 of our house. No comments needed. 

-threw our ATL house onto housing market (if interested in WONDERFUL home, let me know). AND snagged a wonderful rental house in the most DIFFICULT market EVER, aka Los Angeles CA. This was WAY more painful than putting house on market. Yeah. 

-got our oldest admitted, signed, and sealed into NEW school with NO TEARS. Took few LONG weeks… we got our system down. I BOLT for the door as she enters. Easy. 

-started blogging (NEVER THOUGHT I COULD DO THIS). I'm still learning...

-entered, and ATTENDED my first show (i didn't become suddenly "ill" and bail. That was my first strategy. That's a lie. I did hurl once… that's behind me NOW)

-perhaps met a business-changing connection (to be continued)... 

-joined kick-butt stroller class (i'm 6 weeks in and STILL sore almost daily). I must be doing something right?

-hit a personal record and hauled me, myself, and I to the beach FOUR TIMES in one week (oh yeah. don't be too jealous). Well, let's be honest the kids tagged along too… 

-got my youngest to unclench my leg for his FIRST DAY of preschool. well it's in 2 days. I'm jumping the gun by saying i accomplished this… BUT I'M READY. Him: not so much. Stay tuned. 

-discovered that i am indeed stubborn, and sticking this out… that particular one to be continued.

SO. In order for all this to happen, OUR world came together, and got us here. ALL because of the support of friends, family, acquaintances, customers, fans, FB fanatics, avid pinners,  and Instagram lovers. Thank YOU. We made it to 6 months BECAUSE of YOU. Thank You. 

SO. THANK YOU for the bottom of my heart. THANK YOU. Thank you for liking our images, reposting our FB statuses, pinning our boards, and BUYING. To the few ladies out there who get DAILY texts from me, and still find the time to answer, thank you. You are my lifeline.

To the man in my life: thank you for encouraging me, supporting me, and not telling me to shove it as i entered the world of entrepreneurship. Thanks for still loving me these past 6 months.