Foutas come in handy… ALWAYS

So it may not have been long enough but ANOTHER colorful-bodily-fluid-story is coming your way… I just can't help myself apparently. Or i just have two bodily-fluid-retaining-challenged-children. 

Let me set the scene: this is our first overnight-trip away from our new CA digs. I am SO excited as getting cabin fever. Just like many parents, I LOVE PACKING for 3 days. Not. It's basically like moving mountains. So much work only to forget things like, a pair of flip-flops for yourself. And a jacket for yourself. Your kids both have 5 sweaters, and 2 coats, and 3 hats. You? Sweater you are wearing… BUT WHY do they need 10 outfits. Well… they do. Back to the mountains, we chose  to head to the remote National Park Sequoia. BTW don't let this story dissuade you for going. It's breath-taking. It's splendid. It's full of silence, as you don't get cell signal. Delightful. The Best. Well not the best (Bryce Canyon wins that), but it's pretty awesome only 3.5hrs from LA. 

Back to the story: Sequoia, giant trees. Like GIANT trees. Seriously. Anyhow fall is in the air. Leaves are everywhere. Air is fresh. Crisp. I can feel my hubby taking deep breaths (and not because my kids are fighting). And kiddos are in car a LOT, and still alive. Behaving. Pointing at nature. Doing some sort of ah, oh, ah from the backseat with very minimal tears. Success. We even do small treks with minimal complete breakdowns. We picnic along a trail and don't get attacked by bears. Score. The youngest naps in car TWICE during one of our long stretches of joy car-riding. Double score. Oldest finally gets what she's been begging for: the iPad. Oh the stupid-life-saving-annoyingly-present-iPad. The car is quiet… Listening to nature. 

We are adventurers at heart. Kind of. We took a death-route in Yosemite pre-kids. Pre-smart. STILL we decide to take the scenic route (this route is RED on the map, NOT brown). We love red. Right. We got a car full of food, full of gas, and full of foutas in case we need to build a tent (i did say, overprepare in previous posts). We are doing this. Sequoia is a windy place… like 180 degree turns at 15mph every other 15 feet. We take it slow. Well not slow enough... We are enjoying the fresh breeze until its destroyed by a very distinct sound: puke. Not a little puke. A river. And it's projectile. Like projectile into the back of my head, onto ceiling of the car, spraying her own brother sitting besides her, catching the AC vent on the floor, and clearly drowning the Fouta Colors iPad.  I calmly furiously start sending wipes and more wipes in her direction, as the hubby tries to stop the car. One kiddo keeps vomiting, and naturally the other in total compassion starts dry-heaving. Awesome. Welcome back to parenthood. We had forgotten for split second we had kids… 

Back to the insane-overprepare-status : we are wipes-prepared. We have the good-toxic-chemical-wipes. We have hand-wipes. We have wipes to wipe her tear-striken-eczema-prone-face. And foutas work beautifully to give her a bath on the side of the road. Foutas work great as her new outfit (those 10 outfits are safely tucked back at the cabin). And foutas were wonderful to wipe up the galloons of fluid in the carseat. Yum. And best part: once we arrive safely to our cabin, the cleanup… TOSS ALL FOUTAS INTO WASH. Together. Simultaneously. And 55 minutes later, all sanitized. THE BOMB. 

Morale of story: bring on the vomit. We got wipes and foutas. And yes Sequoia is the bomb.