You know you are an 80s kid when...

How do you know you are a 80s kid? Simple. You are born in a year that starts with 1980-something. ALSO you don't identify with the cellphone generation… Some of us had cool beepers… And the internet. WHAT DID WE DO WITHOUT IT? Hence I STILL have the SAME yahoo-email-account from million years ago. With my maiden-name. Duh. I hold onto things in the past apparently. 

Here are the top 9 reminders:

1. You know Ace of Base. Like "know" them. Hearing their songs makes your heart ache or full. Or reminds you of that period of your life. 

2. You LOVE The Cranberries. They are awesome. Awesome. Who doesn't love Ode To My Family?

3. You LIVED in Jellies. Boys and girls. These plastics bad-for-environment-wonderful shoes (CA would probably ban them here, or have permanent tag stating that they are dangerous to children and pregnant woman) were a staple on all our feet.

4. You recognize the Floppydisk. Yes not all information comes on hard-drives, flash-drives, or no drive. I'm told about this cloud. Yes I'll check it out.

5. You enjoyed your TrapperKeeper, that was recycled year after year… No need to buy 17 boxes crayons, and 28 erasers, or 12 boxes of tissues (i can't even start to comment on this back-to-school-ridiculouslness). It was join us with your TK and call it a day. 

6. You were well aware of who JTT was…without googling. Boys and girls. Boys wanted to be him. Girls just wanted him. 

7. You used a plastic telephone plugged into a wall socket… Duh. They were SO cool. Yes cool. 

8. You used simple words like COOL. Google that. Pinterest-it. What's the wifi password. Douche. WERE NOT WORDS then. 

9. You had a pen-pal. Not a chat-room pal. Not Instagram-follower. Not Facebook friend. Like an actual person who wrote you letters. That was simply the BOMB. 

Oh boy. This post makes me look really young, or seasoned. I can't decide which. What is to come for my kids. That's for another day. Cheers.