Just do this on Valentine's day: HTT (Handle The Trash).

Got you thinking. Got you reading. Thinking maybe, has she lost her mind? How dare she compare the day of LOVE with the trash..? Besides owing readers an explanation, I also have a big REVEAL. A big one. The secret to rock your world. It's quite simple actually. Very easy. As one member of this married couple, i live by one rule: i boycott a certain February Hallmark holiday in my marriage... I said it. Valentine's day isn't for us. As a business owner, it blows my credibility a little bit by making this public.. I have made it my DUTY to know ALL the details about every holiday. It's PRIME time for sales. Perfect for Facebook campaigns (which we did. Didn't you see our beautiful monograms?). Perfect for the perfect monogrammed fouta. But i owe honesty to the 3 people reading this post (and i know my husband isn't one of the three).  

But first back to basics. I love red. Like LOVE. I love red roses. I love heart-shaped candy. I love my red Toms shoes. I also love pink. I love seeing hearts on all the kids at preschool pickup. All the cupid decorations i could do without, but it's part of the game. BUT let's be honest, IT IS A HOLIDAY FOR CHILDREN. It's time to be full on honest as it doesn't have space in our marriage. I shower the kiddo's friends with baggies full of love. Full of trinkets about love. Chocolate hearts. Pink cupcakes (store-bought only as i don't bake). We have monkeys that hug you (thank you Oriental Trading). There's heart-shaped sunglasses, and bubbles that come out as hearts (seriously no. but Oriental Trading you should look into that). We have more heart candy than my kids could possibly eat. Cards. Big ones. Little ones. NO Elsa ones. Another boycott this time around. We chose Dory instead. And Trolls (thanks to a certain visit to Miami, my oldest is obsessed. Thanks. One more pink thing with long pink hair to manage). 

I haven't lost my mind i promise. My marriage is full of love. Love that is showed by huge variety of small ways. And my favorite is watching my husband take out the trash (we all know if it's not witnessed, you can't get credit). For my husband, it's me unloading the dishwasher. (he hates this simple mind-numbing task). Love is holding my hand before i plunge into the task of putting the kids to bed. By smiling across the park after i step into dog poop (this is CA people. there's STRICT laws about this). By simply putting his phone down, his listening ears on, and actively empathize with the day i'm having. By staying silent when i wear completely horrific-looking boots that i saw on Instagram. Or by giggling about why i put our youngest in timeout. Again. And again. Love doesn't need a specific day. It's all about HTT. That's where love lives. In the mundane (a secret my grand-father passed along to me years and years ago. BEFORE i had any idea what LOVE was all about. I get it now). 

Lastly, genius acronym right? I thought i was being SO smart. And funny. And i need to be cool. Because a certain person did not have any clue what ROFL meant. And i swear i'm not that old. And by the way, HAPPY VALENTINE's day. May your day be filled of pink cupcakes, and heart-shaped bubbles.