What's hiding under your FOUTA?

My darling little girl is known to have a few tricks up her sleeve (she is 4 after all), and stuffing the bottom of her bed is particularly "fun". On top of her full-size comforter lives a fouta (hot pink of course to fit her hot pink sparkling personality), and it's always magic to uncover her hidden treasures night after night. At bedtime of course. When we are all full of energy... Right, said no parent. EVER. Back to the story,  this is what is hiding under her fouta tonight:

-a guitar (her pink one). It has 2 broken strings, but who is counting. Her uncle Bertrand would NOT be impressed by my quick dismissal of a broken guitar. Sorry. I said i was sorry...

-3 fridge magnets. As i'm obsessed with pictures, "free" magnets from Shutterfly appear weekly at our house. And somehow magically appear at the end of her bed. My in-laws and hubby's aunt are both recipients of these magical photo magnets. Everyone needs magnets in their lives. 

-zillion stuffed animals. If we are gifted one more... Panda, camel, monogrammed bunny (keeper for sure). Guess what i'm gifting the neighbors for Easter? Yep monogrammed bunnies...

-one sock. why would 2 be found? because that's actually useful. Socks... i could write 1000 words about socks in this house. I won't bore you. Maybe one day. On a rainy day...

-puzzle. a full-set ballerina puzzle. box and all. Must be missing her buddies who gifted her such items. i think she's just stashing it away from her little bro. She is masterful at hiding the good stuff from her bro. Genius really. 

-wet washcloth. WHY. I can't even muster the energy to smell it. These are usually located near changing table or kitchen sink as i can't handle kisses from her bro without mucus. Food i can handle on my face as a secondary site, but mucus, NO WAY. So i happily wipe his nose. only one million times a day. At least a million. And as a resident of preschool 2 mornings a week, he has a consistent runny nose. 

-T'choupi book. Her bro's FAVORITE book. I wonder why... Um.... They really do love each other. I promise. And if they don't, that sucks because they are about to share a room for the next 2 years. Hard CA life. 

-Crayons.WHY ARE THESE NOT AT THE CRAFT TABLE. The only worst thing than finding unmatched socks is finding crayons. I swear we own at least one million, and they are never in the craft cabinet, table, or near the crayon bin. This is why: she hoards them in her bed. 

-Barbie shoes. 2 shoes. Oh yeah. Those miniature chocking hazards. Those things that ALL parents loathe. They don't fit. They don't stay on. They just cause havoc. THOSE shoes we don't separate. OK then. And thinking about it, I didn't know we had Barbies. I feel a purge coming on...

-Big Red. Her dada's favorite and only stuffed animal. and yes it is giant. This is probably the only acceptable item under her fouta. I get it. When i ask her about it, she claims she has no idea why it's there... Ok child. I was hoping for some sentimental reason. Nope she cleared that up right away. Ok child, i hear you. 

-THAT Target dress: this dress... It's huge topic of contest with my dear daughter. It's too small. Too summer-ish for middle winter (even for CA). So she now wears it with a shirt underneath and leggings. Looks awesome. I'm not a fashionista, but this is like socks with open-toe-shoes. So of course it's place is clearly in her bed. Close to her body. 

These foutas really are larger than life.

The proof resides at the bottom of her toddler bed.

Like you needed proof...?